Experimental fashion using origami and geometric patterning

[gallery] Artist Mauricio Velasquez Posada has created some gorgeous experimental fashion garments titled Geomorfos. The delicate and intricate pieces of work use complex folding techniques and patterning to create unique structures and forms. I can't imagine realistically wearing these, but as experimental structures they are quite visually irresistible. Imagine if the folds and patterning can move and bend in unique ways and intelligently like the kenetic dress. Watch some of the videos for more visual tastiness:

More on geometric patterning. Images from body pixel and Craftzine. Videos via body pixel.

The growing trend of geometric patterning

[gallery] Fashion designer Irina Shaposhnikova created this gorgeous collection called Crystallographica, which consists of garments inspired by geological formations of crystals and minerals. The application of geometrical patterns is making a comeback in design aesthetics lately. Philips Design created a beautiful exploration for their Design Probes series called Fractal: Living Jewelry, which was also inspired by crystalline formations.

Opposite of natural geometric formations, some designers are allowing the fabrication tools to create geometric patterns. Rem KoolhaasUnited Nude created Low-resolution modeled footwear that resulted in strong geometric patterns. And Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski created digitally printed garments using an unfolding polygon method that is commonly used by industrial designers to explore dimensional forms through paper models.

I can't help but imagine using the simple geometric shapes as a platform for electronics. For example, could the material in Shaposhnikova strict triangular-patterned slacks be replaced with solar panels to harvest energy? Or could a triangle or two in her dresses be replaced with a display?

Read more about Crystallographica on pleatfarm.com. Photos from pleatfarm.com.