"Walking City" kinetic dresses

Montreal-based fashion designer, Ying Gao, takes movement in fashion and garments to a whole new level. One of her recent collections, titled Walking City, includes three garments that respond to movement, wind and touch. The monochromatic garments seem simple, but they beautifully tailor an integrated complex web of air pumps and sensors that allow the garment to react and move.

Walk up close to the garment and it reacts to your proximity to it. Or blow softly and it reacts to the breeze. This brings a new aesthetic to the intangible forms that the garments react to that is both playful and gorgeous.

The following video shows a garment that includes a proximity sensor, which allows it to react to the proximity of a nearby person:

The following video shows a garment that reacts to wind. Breathe into a wind sensor and the garment opens and expands, mimicking you by appearing as if it's taking its own breath:

Additional resources via designboom.com and talk2myshirt.com