A variety of DIY fabric and knitted sensors

[gallery] For all you DIY enthusiast out there, Kobakant has a collection of very useful fabric and knitted sensors equipped with easy-to-understand instructions on how to make all of them. From knitted pressure sensors to conductive pompoms, this collection shows you how to make your electronics out of soft and wearable materials.

From left to right:

Crochet or knitted simple pressure sensors allow you to change the aesthetics of your pressure sensors and run them through the wash (main image). Fabric bend sensor replaces a traditional bend sensor so that you can wash it. Knitted stretchy cable allows you to connect your knitted sensors. Neoprene LED light pouch is a soft and sewable container for your leds. Conductive pompoms replace your wiring with cute and fuzzy conductive yarn. Circular knit stretch sensor changes value when you pull and stretch it.

More on kobakant.at. Photos from kobakant.at.

Diana Eng launches Fairytale Fashion

DIY wearable technology expert Diana Eng has launched a site called Fairytale Fashion in collaboration with Eyebeam. Here's how she describes the work: "Fairytale Fashion is using technology to create a collection of magical clothing in real life (with blooming flowers, transforming shapes, changing colors, etc.) for Feb. 2010. We share our work in weekly research and development web videos. You can help us create the designs by answering the design question at the end of each video."

Check out some of her interesting videos here and start getting some hands-on experience with some of the materials that she's exploring.