3lectromode aims to commercialize wearable technology

[gallery] Canadian designer Valerie Lamontagne of 3lectromode has a vision to innovate in the field of wearable technology with the aim to commercialize. Her latest creation, the Asymmetrical Dress focuses on making wearable technology accessible via her online store. The dress includes LEDs designed to respond to changing luminosity data. At the whopping price of $500 for ready-to-wear, the garment is experimenting with an audience but is still a bit  expensive for broader markets. She also offers a kit for $250 so you can make it yourself.

What's interesting about this project is the idea of commercializing a technology-embedded garment. Overall, we still have a ways to go to reach a broader audience.

Read more about this project on talk2myshirt.com or 3lectromode. Images from 3lectromod.