Electronic fabrics workshop, July 11

I’m running a wearable technology workshop this weekend at Frayedwire, which will introduce people to soft-circuits and how to work with conductive threads. Here's the workshop:

Making Electronic Fabrics: Integrating Conductive Thread, LEDs, and Soft Switches into fabrics

This workshop will be a hands-on session focused on integrating electronics into fabrics and making soft switches out of snaps, hooks, zippers and other fashion-hardware. We will be making fashion accessory Palz, soft plush robots that light up when they hold hands. Turn a snap into a switch that turns an LED on and off. All of the circuitry will be sewn directly into the fabric. I'll also be talking a little about the Lilypad (Arduino for wearable technology).

See pics of the workshop and project here.

Wireless wearable workshop, Dec 14

NYCResistor just announced a new workshop that will be focusing on building wireless wearables in New York December 14th! Here's what they say about the workshop:

"Get ready to explore the delights of mutual connectivity with the soon-to-be released XBee LilyPad! This class will introduce the communication and construction techniques necessary to create wireless wearables. We'll start by learning how to communicate using XBee radios, including digital, analog, input and output modes along with an overview of other useful features. Once we've made contact, we'll translate our circuits onto fabric, learning how to make flexible, durable, and attractive connections between components using conductive textiles and threads. By the end of the class, we'll have our soft circuits conversing wirelessly and you'll be ready to create your own clothing, toy or tapestry that talks!"