Wearable technology for runners

[gallery]Continuing on the theme of wearable technology for runners, I was recently at the San Francisco marathon (no, I didn't run it, but supported a friend who did) and noticed that every runner was wearing a small bit of technology on their shoes. The technology is a flexible and disposable RFID tag by UPM Raflatac that you wrap around your shoe lace. A "reader" is placed at the start and finish line. When you cross either, the tag on your shoe is read by the reader at the exact moment you cross the lines. The accurate racing information is then sent to a database that keeps track of your start and finish time and calculates your pace.

Aesthetically, the technology is visible on the inside, which displays the RFID antenna in the shape of a dogbone (as they call it). The pattern and texture is actually quite beautiful. Next time I run a race, I'll be wearing one of these inside out.