Bringing beauty to diabetes

[gallery] I love it when simple ideas can have such a big impact. Designer and creator, Jessica Floeh, is investigating the union of fashion and technology at Parsons' School of Art and Design. She believes that merging the two fields presents opportunities to "rethink aesthetic systems and sustainability", which she has begun to do in her project titled Hanky Pancreas. The project includes a collection of insulin pump accessories that decorate and bring aesthetic beauty to clunky, techy-looking pump hardware that is worn on the body. The accessories hide the hardware while also celebrating it and merging it into the aesthetic of the outfit.

In addition to her demo in the video, Jessica has some great customer quotes on her website that describe the value of her collection and how important this simple solution can be to people who suffer diabetes:

It's not just a piece of technology I'm hiding anymore, it's actually a part of me and how I'm dressing

It's important to me to feel connected to others who share my condition

I like that it brings attention to my pump because I like to tell people about my diabetes...

More info at Hanky Pancreas. Images from Hanky Pancreas, Products & Tech News, La Placard.