Composing music through gestures and muscle movement

[gallery] UK-based new media and sonic artist Marco Donnarumma is exploring new ways we control, compose and experience music with his project Xth Sense: Music for Flesh II. "The body is able to perform an impressive range of movements and to transform any amount of muscular energy into a kinetic event, from the most elusive to the most emphatic...This continuous kinetic energy created by every muscles of the body naturally becomes mechanical vibration, which is nothing but sound...Similarly to human voice, the body is capable of infinite movement combinations and expressive subtlety...with excellent control that can be achieved through practice." Continue on Marco Donnarumma's research blog.

The project is a free open-source software/hardware platform for the application of muscle-created sounds. See it in action here:

More info and images on Marco Donnarumma's research blog.

Other related research is Desney Tan's (Microsoft Research) Muscle-Computer Interfaces.