Daan Roosegaarde explores technology and intimacy


Daan Roosegaarde is currently an artist in residence at V2_labs in the Netherlands. He's known for his incredibly beautiful electronic works such as (one of my favorites) Dune, which consists of hundreds of flexible led-tipped stalks. Collaborating with fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra, his most recent work explores the relationship between technology and intimacy titled (logically) Intimacy.

"Intimacy, developed by Studio Roosegaarde and V2_Lab, is a project that straddles the world of fashion, wearables and the electronic arts, while exploring the relation between technology and intimacy in contemporary tech-society. The project consists of high-tech garments made with wireless, interactive technologies and smart foils, which can become transparent. The distance towards the garments determines their level of transparency, creating an intimate experience and a sensual play of disclosure. Roosegaarde’s ‘e-fashion’ works as a second skin that transforms the body of the wearer into a tangible interface. This interface acts as an emotional meter that measures and makes visible the level of transparency, disclosure and thus intimacy experienced by the user/wearer in social interaction." (source)

Continue reading on V2_Labs. Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg, model: Kimora - Jimmy Model Management, make up: Joyce Kern, images from V2_Labs.