The new aesthetic of second-skin sports textiles

There's a growing trend in making high-performance textiles beautiful and more fashionable in the medical and sport sectors (see the related post on the aesthetics of personal medical devices) even if they are somewhat invisible to others. It's based on the psychologically that if you look good, you feel good therefore you perform better. Here's a look at a few second-skin fashionable performance textiles:

Above: Nike Women's Yoga Footstickers - There are many advantages of bare feet sporting: better motion control, more feeling in your feet and direct floor contact, etc. The footsticker improves the activity and keeps the barefoot feeling. The flexible material is like a second skin, the 'skin /touch sensation' is not disabled. The footsticker can give more grip, support and protection.

Women sport socks Knitted pattern of different materials, for knee and ankle support

Women sport legging Knitted pattern of different materials, to stimulate the blood flow to the muscles

Women sport tape With lace pattern

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