A more fashionable spin on the solar-powered bag

[gallery]There are a lot of products out there that attach solar panel cells to the outside of a bag to generate power for your devices. But up until now, they have been mostly messenger bags and backpacks. DIFFUS is changing that by offering a more fashionable spin on the solar-powered hand bag. And what I really love about this product is that the designer carefully considered the implementation of the technology, which helps to inform the aesthetics of the design:

"Instead of placing a single flexible thin film solar module onto the side of a bag, the designers of the DIFFUS Solar Handbag have distributed 100 smaller monocrystalline silicon solar cells over the surface of the bag to resemble oversized sequins. The surface of the bag is also embroidered with a combination of normal embroidery and conductive embroidery that transfers the energy harvested by the "solar sequins" to a lithium-ion battery hidden away within a small compartment."

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