Lucy McRae creates liquid textiles for Robyn

Lucy McRae's incredible body of work straddles the worlds of fashion, technology and the body. She has spent many years architecting nan-technology and bio-tech structures around the body that re-shape the human silhouette. Her work is both fascinating and thought provoking. One of her recent projects was work that started over two years ago generating dynamic textiles made from liquid, air and vapor. The "liquid textile" was then used on set for Robyn's Indestructible music video. The effect is mesmerizing. Here's the making of...

"1.2 kilometres of transparent plumbing tubing was knitted with fishing wire to skin Robyn’s body. 40 litres of glycerol pumps through over a kilometre of tube, powered by drill pumps that connect to valves releasing air intermittently between the liquid. Gradient colors pulse through the tubes at different speeds, the effect is a living, breathing dynamic skin that traverses the landscape of the body.

The Dream Team is Lucy McRae, Barnaby Monk, Mike Pelletier, Sanne Van Wersch, Laetitia Migliore and Amba Molly. Special Thanks to Mandy, Sofie, Froukje, Maaike, Honor, Loes, Ine and Branca. Edited by Ine van den Elsen."

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