modwells: Personal modules for wellness

[gallery] I've been working on another wearable technology project via Artefact. The project is focused on the topic of healthcare and takes an integrated approach to the design that combines technology garments, industrial design and software.  Here's an update on the project, the concept, and where I'm at with it, which is only scratching the surface of the many possibilities of this platform. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Healthcare today

Today there is a significant conversation around health, wellness and healthcare experiences and an equal amount of investment happening in the consumer arena. So, I put on my thinking cap and started asking a few questions around this topic:

  • How can we motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle?
  • How can we engage people more in preventative care, and how can we increase their health awareness?
  • How can we teach people how to stay healthy?
  • How can we make health data more accessible?
  • How can a personal health product adjust to the needs of different people? There are many systems which track a single set of data very well, but nothing that adapts to the personal needs of people and tracks multiple data combinations.
  • How can this be done in a way that inspires us to want to use it and wear it?

I've been dissecting these questions into bite-sized chunks and came up with the following platform solution (read about some of the research findings on the Artefact website here):

modwells: Personal modules for wellness

The modwells system is a platform that delivers a consumer-focused healthcare experience integrated into your daily life. It improves your physical and emotional health, and enhances your quality of life. The system respects the unique health and wellbeing needs of each user and accommodates those needs through a customizable solution that blurs the line between traditional medical products and consumer products. The system consists of:

  • Mods: a collection of input and output sensors that collect and assess health data, provide basic feedback and alerts.
  • Trestle: A trestle that presents data and interaction. The trestle also recharges the mods wirelessly.
  • Accessories: A collection of optional accessories that extend the mod’s capabilities. In this case, it is a body positioning garment.
  • A cross-platform software application: enables users to work with their personal health data, manage goals, share experiences with friends and connect with healthcare professionals

Continue reading on the artefact website ...

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