An explosion of wearable fitness devices

There seems to be an explosion of fitness-related wearable devices hitting the market that take advantage of smaller, cheaper on-body sensing technology. From watches to smart jewelry, these pervasive devices are designed to help you keep track of your health by allowing you to measure and monitor a variety of bio-metric data. Here's a look at a few that have hit the market or plan to hit the market soon:  

The Motorola KORE is, according to the trademark description Fusible spotted, an “electronic non medical portable physical activity monitor and fitness device” that could be used, in a similar way to Nike+, to track your exercise regime and give feedback on it.



NewYu is a similar connected fitness monitor that tracks all of your movement through a wearable device and allows you to set and manage goals through connected software.


Scosche Industry's myTrek sends workout vitals to your iPhone, starts shipping now for $130


Fitbit includes a wearable clip device and software that automatically tracks your fitness and sleep and lets you know if you got enough exercise and sleep for the day and how many calories you burned.


Muve’s Gruve (another wearable clip) measures your calorie burn and activity intensity throughout your day.


Switch2Health's Replay is a “Gaming for Health” watch that provides incentives to change behavior (and it's only $19.99).


Basis (previously PulseTracer) includes Basis Band that measures heart rate and other vital signs. They plan to allow third party developers to build apps that work with the device.


Adidas miCoach (also shown above) adidas' version of Nike+ now offers an Andriod app that includes real-time audible coaching for any sport.


Philip's DirectLife, which has been on the market for a while, includes a devices that can be worn like a necklace. It tracks how much you move every day, you set goals and track your progress. You get suggestions about how to increase your activity levels at your own pace, and you even get a personal coach who can help you stay motivated.

...and there are many many more ...