A smart hoodie that helps kids with autism

[gallery] There's a lot of discussion around wearable technology that debates the usefulness of solutions that integrate electronic functionality into garments. There are so many explorations that are short-term novelties and few that solve real and sustainable problems. Designer Leo Chao sets out to change this. His Beagle scarf is intended for medical therapy targeted to children with autism. The project is an example of solving problems that he uncovers by observing people and their context.

"Leo’s concept: the Beagle Scarf, a garment co-created with autistic children and their parents. Beagle Scarf integrates sound, smell, and texture, making it a wearable and portable medical assistance device for Autistic children who suffer from a sensory disorder where they sometimes need to be blocked or stimulated from certain senses to feel relieved,"  (source).

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