Light as texture

Fashion designer Hamish Morrow is exploring light as pattern and texture. Video is projected onto an all-white dress that creates this gorgeous illuminating pattern that changes and animates.

The dress is completely impractical, but it demonstrates the effect that a dynamically changing pattern can have on the mood, historical connotations, and emotion associated with the garment.

More on Morrow here.

Bubelle blush dress reacts to emotions

Philips design probe program has created a variety of projects under the theme SKIN. The concept behind these experimental garments is to investigate the expression of emotion and personality through reactive wearable technology. The futuristic garments "show emotive technology and how the body and the near environment can use pattern and color change to interact and predict the emotional state" of the wearer. 

One of my favorite dresses is the gorgeous Bubelle Blush Dress, which uses biometric sensing technology that senses your emotions on its inner layer and projects them onto the outer layer. The result is a beautiful dress that illuminates light patterns within its textiles and reacts differently to every individual.

source via popgadget, we make money not art