Feel the rhythm of your music

Launching on Kickstarter, iMusic BodyRhythm is a wearable device that turns music rhythms into a physical experience. It works with an iPhone app and directly links to the playlists on your iPhone. You can feel the auto-sync beat of the music from your iPhone app, be your own drummer, and you can even shake your phone to feel the "air-drum" beat. When you're done, you can share your playlist with friends. Is this even a good idea? 

Engadget stopped by their booth at CES in Las Vegas this week to see for themselves. "There's a tinge of the As Seen on TVs about the iMusic, where a novel idea falls down in its execution. Naturally it's an early model, but the App doesn't do a good enough job picking out the beats of the song, syncopated and out of time with what you'd expect. On all but the highest setting, it's a little hard to feel the impact -- but maxing it out makes it feel less like a massage and more like randomized physical violence. Still, if you'd like to make a judgement for yourself, we've got the video for you, too." (Engadget)

What do you think about this product idea?

More info on Kickstarter, Engadget Image via Engadget