Interactive ring that helps you game

Ringbow founders Saar Shai and Efrat Barit, have created a gaming accessory designed to be used with touch-based interfaces. They're currently raising money on Kickstarter and are getting closer to their goal. The ring itself has a nice consumer-focused design. I just wish it was a little smaller and more discreet. Even so, it's a nice first product and I'll be backing them!

"Since touch screens are controlled with fingers, a finger-worn tool, specifically a ring, is the natural choice for complementing them. Operating Ringbow while using a touch device enables layers of functionality, countless new features and a much more efficient user experience.

The Ringbow gaming accessory offers a D-pad style button with 9 control-directions. It communicates via Bluetooth, lasts 4-6 hours per charge and weighs less than 200g.

You wear it on your index finger and operate the button with your thumb while at the same time using touch. Ringbow provides powerful capabilities and layers of functionality that are simply not available in today’s technologies. It multiplies the functionality of everything you do, helping you get much more out of your touch screen games, apps and tools." Continue reading on

The Oyster card wearable travel pass

[gallery]The Oyster card, London’s electronic travel card system, is something synonymous with natives and visitors alike. It's a handy card that gives you flexibility with your journeys around the city, and saves you money at the same time. Equipped with RFID, it allows travelers to jump on London tube trains, buses, trams and many regular train services without having to take out any cash. Designer Benjamin Parton thought it was time for a redesign- something fun and memorable with improved functionality. The Oi is a wearable oyster card that can be worn as a ring or “watchstrap widget.” Oi uses the same radio-frequency coil infrastructure as the existing Oyster cards and the final product can be bent and twisted without damaging the internal components and is also unaffected by interference from other radio frequency devices.

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