Vega Wang's Into the Deep collection

[gallery] Wearable technology can be broken up into many categories such as practical, medical, performance, and expressive (among many others). There have been a lot of explorations in the expressive category lately that integrate LED's and Electroluminescent lighting into clothing.

Fashion designer Vega Wang has joined in the dialogue with her gorgeous Into the Deep collection that consist of light-emitting garments. "The concept for my collection came from watching a BBC DVD called Deep Blue. After watched it, I was in shock. It was only in 2002 that we became technologically advanced enough to get that deep into the ocean, 4000-5000 meters, and when they got down there, they discovered that at this depth, where there’s absolutely no sunlight, there are creatures that create their own light. I wanted to present these amazing creatures to the world." Continue reading her interview.

Images from The Creators Project More light-emitting garments