High-Tech Couture Made Without Any Stitches Or Cuts

[gallery]Royal College of Art textile student Jungeun Lee, has created a collection of gorgeous garments that are constructed without any stitches or cuts called Wrapped Garment. The garments use synthetic fiber and a heating process to create three-dimensional, sculptural designs that require no cutting, weaving, or sewing. "The influx of new production technologies in fashion has created some interesting designs -- from Issey Miyake’s rapid prototyping, Amy Winters’s light-reactive clothing, even jackets made from microbes. But Lee’s method is actually quite simple: Wrap the synthetic fibers (either lots of short ones or one long thread) around a mannequin using a normal two-dimensional pattern made out of cardboard, then apply heat. The process can be used to create products...including shoes" Continue reading on fastcodesign.com.

Images from fastcodesign.com.