Controlling light with hand gestures

Blogger Niquita has developed this fascinating prototype in response to some research that was done around hand gestures. The prototype includes two rings that you wear on your thumb and forefinger, which allows you to perform gestures to control lighting. With any type of product that uses physical gestures as input, the social implications should be considered. Large, obvious gestures performed in public could be quite awkward. I don't think we want to live in a world where people are swinging their arms around while waiting on a bus or walking down the street. What's nice about this concept is that the wearable device has the potential to be worn and performed discreetly. I imagine subtle (and somewhat private) gestures that you can do to actuate different events.

The rawness of this early prototype is quite beautiful. I just wish there was some sort of demonstration on how the gestures work along with what the experience of the light changing is. Perhaps that will be the next phase.

More info at Niquita's blog