Sabine Seymour talks about the future of wearables

Piem Wirtz interviews Sabine Seymour at V2_lab as they discuss the history of wearable and what they think will come next in 2010 and beyond. Seymour gives a brief, yet intriguing analysis of where she thinks fashionable technology (as she defines "wearables") is heading. "Before 1995 we had the Steve Mann type of wearables, made from an engineer-technology perspective by computer science people. In 1995 Maggie Orth made her Firefly dress... In 2010 we need to have a second wave, which is the wave of well designed, well executed fashionable wearables that have the ability to convey a story..."

...and reach a broader market. Seymour talks about how designers, artists and DIYers use labs for experimentation, which aid in the refinement of their craft and build knowledge. She then goes on to discuss what it will take to get the explorations to the next level and toward a broader audience.

This interview is definitely worth the read. Continue reading on V2_Lab.

More about Sabine Seymour: Fashionable Technology (her book): Moondial (her studio): Photo from V2_Lab