Generating power through your wrist

"Fujitsu recently unveiled a high-tech bracelet generator that runs on both solar energy and heat from the wearer. The device contains no electrical wiring nor battery replacements, and it can be completely powered by body heat and the sun’s rays. Fujitsu plans to expand upon this prototype, and hopes to produce products utilizing the technology by 2015. Fujitsu has stated that energy harvesting gadgets are 'gaining interest as a future next-generation energy source'. The company went on to say that 'energy harvesting is the process for collecting energy from the surrounding environment. Conventionally, electricity is supplied by either a power plant or a battery, requiring electrical wiring and replacement batteries. In recent years, the idea of using ambient energy in the forms of light, vibration, heat, radio waves, etc. has become increasingly attractive, and a number of methods to produce electricity from these different kinds of energy sources have been developed.'"

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