Capturing your point of view, invisibly

I wrote about these back in July when wearable tech company, ZionEyez, was raising funds through Kickstarter, which earned them almost $350,000 for their first production run. Since then, they've been working hard at producing their first video camera eyewear that any other spectacles you would see on the street. An evolution of the Steve Mann aesthetics, nobody would ever know that you're glasses are recording every moment. This invisible, ambient nature of the technology integration is exactly where wearable technology is heading...and I can't wait to see what's coming in 2012.

Engadget says: Sure, you may already lead an exciting life, but wouldn't it be great if you could broadcast those daily escapades -- you know, to all of your internet friends? ZionEyez hopes to deliver a method for sharing your point of view -- quite literally -- in realtime, across the web. The company's first product, a set of 720p embedded-camera eyeglasses called Eyez, houses a tiny camera to the left of the standard-size eyeglass lens, with a processor, Bluetooth and WiFi module embedded in the adjacent ear piece.

Images from Engadget