A fashionable, wearable camera

Artefact has created a fashionable, wearable concept camera and display that encourages users to snap, share, and wear their photos in an instant called Meme. According to an article published by Fast Company about the project, "by transforming the traditional lens camera into a wearable screen (it can be worn as a necklace or attached with a pin or clip), Artefact tapped into the idea of using tech as a means of self-expression--an especially smart strategy for attracting the Lady Gaga generation. The e-ink display uses the same technology as Amazon’s Kindle, but here, the 32-bit grayscale monitor renders moody, black-and-white images that complement the retro-cool, color-saturated effect of Instagram."

Here's how Artefact approached the concept:

The traditional point-and-shoot camera is becoming marginalized as camera phones continue to improve in quality and functionality. We thought about how to re-imagine this device as a product that teens and young adults would want to use as much as their phones. But rather than try to displace the cell-phone as a camera, we wanted to find a solution that integrates into the existing tech ecosystem (mobile, app, social media).

Young people enjoy sharing experiences right at the moment they happen and define their identity through creative outlets. Artefact wanted to design an affordable yet disruptive camera that offers instant gratification and relevance to its user. Emphasis has been placed on fun and self-expression rather than tech specs and functions.

As a fashion accessory, Meme goes with everything! Users can change the picture as frequently as they change their mood, interests, or style. Meme can be worn as a necklace, or attached to clothing with a pin or clip.

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