Battery could revolutionize wearables

Powering wearable devices is one of the big challenges when designing a device that is small and compact enough to wear comfortably. A lot of the bulk is a result of trying to squeeze in rather large battery cells that can carry enough juice to power the device for a decent duration of time. Well, that's about to change. Hot new start-up, Imprint Energy, has created a new type of battery that is flexible and can be screen printed. I spoke with Brooks Kincaid from Imprint Energy at the Wearable Technology conference in San Francisco in 2012 where I learned about his promising new technology. The battery is very exciting for the wearable future. It's extremely flexible and can even hold a charge if a hole is punched through it. I wonder if it could handle seam integration. just get it to handle the washing machine...

Can't wait to get your hands on it? Unfortunately, you'll have to wait. It won't be available for a while.

More info at Gigaom.