Examining the culture of militarization

Carrie Mae Rose’s work is aimed to evoke emotion. Her work includes sculptural mandalas made of confiscated scissors and razors and a proposed necklace constructed out of violet wands (a relative of the Tesla coil).Her projects examine the culture of militarization and its influence on pop culture, education, entertainment, and high fashion.

Her current explorations include a series of interactive costumes titled Wearable Weapons that she's creating through a residency at Eyebeam. Here's what she says she'll be exploring during her time there:

I am planning to build a series of interactive costumes I call Wearable Weapons. I will be testing and collaborating to create at least 2 or 3 collars that use devices called Violet Wands that are placed in a large wearable armature. Violets Wands are sold both to the police department and the S&M community and are generally described as either self defense products or highly erotic electro-stimulation tools. The wands have a variety of intensity levels that do anything from burn to arouse the end receiver. I’m still working out what kind of interactivity the pieces will have, but the working idea is that they will respond both to sound and movement.

I can't wait to see what she creates. Her gorgeous moodboard is certainly intriguing...

Eyebeam intern Katherine DiPierro sat down with Carrie Mae for a conversation on the intersection of technology and vulnerability. You can read the interview here at Eyebeam.

AND...If you want to get invloved with the project, Carrie Mae Rose is currently looking for an intern or collaborator. More info on the opportunity is here.