I'll be speaking at 2 events in SF

I'll be at two events in San Francisco this week sharing my latest project Move and talking about 4 principles that can help us create better and more compelling wearable technology solutions. During my talks, I'll share four design and development principles for wearable technology, an example of how these can be applied through my latest product Move and other industry products, and how our immerging industry can collaborate toward more compelling consumer experiences. The four principles include:

  1. Contextual: Understanding your audience, their context, & what they need to improve their lives
  2. Discreet: Pushing the technology to the background so it’s non-disruptive & ambient
  3. Connected: Connecting to software & services that bring more value to the experience
  4. Fashionable: Removing the geek-factor toward a broader consumer market

Here's where the events will be:

Come and join me in the discussion if you're in town!