An emotional sensing necklace

[gallery]Philips Design is always exploring what our futures might look like through their dedicated "far-future" probes research that tracks trends and developments, which may evolve into mainstream issues that have a significant impact on business. The Probes generate insights from research in five main areas; politics, economic, culture, environments and technology futures. The results are quite evocative and generate a dialogue on the possibilities of our futures.

One of their design probes is VIBE - an emotional sensing necklace that combines conductive ink and textile sensors. The necklace can read multiple biometric signals of the wearer and communicates them to other devices and other wearers.

Most electronic communication is limited to very direct channels where we naturally exhibit many more signals or channel indirectly. This opens up a whole new universe of emotional applications, such as physical and emotional gaming, mind and stress control applications, as well as emotional telephony.

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