Glasses provide sound and scent

Researchers from Keio University in Tokyo have created glasses designed to not only augment the wearer's sight, but also sound AND smell. The glasses are aimed to enhance our social experience by emitting sound and smell signals that are unique to a person that you meet. In the words of its makers, "it is an attempt to encourage face-to-face communication with emotional and memorable sound and smell experiences."

How they work The glasses communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once the infrared sensors on the glasses detect somebody else wearing a pair of Sound Perfume goggles nearby, a message containing your name, contact number and your unique sound and smell signatures is sent to that person. In response, the recipient's phone communicates with his or her glasses, which in turn emit your signature sound and odor.

The system can also be paired with a mobile phone's camera to save not only the location and time an image was taken, but also the sound and smell information of the person in the photo. So when viewing the photo later or walking past the location, the sound and smell of the person you shared the experience with is triggered. What is the point of all that? The additional stimulation is to assist in building a fond multi-sensory memory of your encounter.

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