Forget about the killer app, we need a killer OS

There's a lot of discussion around what the first wearable technology "killer app" will be, but first what we need at this early cusping time in the field is the killer operating system to run that killer app. Apple just might be the one to make it happen and I've got my eye on the Nano (among others). With hundreds of millions of iOS devices becoming ubiquitous among Apple users, turning the Nano into a wearable technology iOS seems like a good place to start. Perhaps that's what Apple's not-so-recent hire, wearable technology guru Richard W. DeVaul is up to these days.

The iPod nano is a tiny touchscreen with four small icons and simple apps, including FM radio, music app, photos app, voice notes and pedometer for NikePlus, one of the first wide-spread wearable technology solutions for casual runners. The size and power of this little device makes it a perfect contender for a wearable OS where the device is the hub that can potentially run smart garment "accessories". And with Scott Wilson's (MNML) LunaTik wristband accessories, it's even easier to wear.

But Apple's not the only company creating products in this space. Sony Ericsson has developed the small-scale Liveview with similar capabilities:

Another is the wearable WIMM Android platform, which is a full fledged, stand-alone device including Bluetooth AND Wifi, making it potentially easy to connect smart garment accessories to it: \

And perhaps Google has something up their sleeves with their recent $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility that was announced this morning.

Now, if only Apple would introduce wireless capabilities to the Nano...

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