Sensoree explores therapeutic bio media and body architecture

[gallery]Sensoree is an art and technology design lab focused on body architecture and therapeutic created by experience designer Kristin Neidlinger and team. Through her work, she explores nervous systems that inspire body awareness, insight, and spontaneity. Her latest "artifacts" investigate proximity, intimacy, telepathy, intuition, and humor between human and machine. Here are a few of them:

GER: mood sweater The GER: Galvanic Extimacy Responder, mood sweater is an emotive display that is an externalized intimacy.

InflataCorset is a heart rate sensor-initiated inflatable corset. When the heartbeat reaches an excited, panic state, a wireless heart rate sensor triggers the air pump. Then, the corset inflates. The external pressure of the vest on the skin calms the nervous system and returns the heart back to a resting rate

FURVER fo.corset is an interactive hard shell corset with “emotionally volatile” fur that reacts to the proximity of those too near. Inspired by sea anemones, animated tentacles rise and bio-luminescent color intensifies to warn predators of personal space dimensions being invaded as well as protect the wearer.

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