Wireless display in your contacts

[gallery]Technology from STMicroelectronics for a Swiss medical startup points the way to integrating a display in a contact lens. The lens includes a wireless MEMS sensor that acts as a transducer, antenna and mechanical support for additional read-out electronics Not only does the lens integrate display possibilities, it's aimed to enable better management of glaucoma that is tailored to the individual patient.

We have a strong focus on developing and manufacturing wireless sensor networks for diagnostics and other applications in medicine. This wireless, self-powered, on-body sensor will be used in a product that promises to greatly help the millions of people at risk and suffering from glaucoma. Sensimed’s imaginative application perfectly illustrates how, by working with healthcare experts, we can combine two different disciplines and know-how, along with our manufacturing infrastructure, to improve the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.

Said by Benedetto Vigna, General Manager of STMicroelectronics’ MEMS, Sensors and High Performance Analog division.

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