Adding haptic feedback to gesture interfaces

One of the problems with using physical gestures with UI navigation or gaming (think Kinect) is the lack of any sort of haptic feedback. You basically wave your hand around in the air with little physical sense of how much movement is required or when something on the screen is selected. Wearable technology accessories such as these Peregrine Gloves have the ability to change that and add physical feedback to the experience to make it feel more real. The only problem with these gloves? Well, they are not wireless, which is BAD. Right now, adding wireless capability slows down the experience leading to delays in response time and lag. But the company is working on a solution for wireless capability that does not impact the performance. So, my biggest gripe? The aesthetics, or lack thereof. With any interactive glove, I have yet to see a design solution that is fashionable or aesthetically interesting enough to make me (or mainstream markets) want to wear it. So for the moment, these are definitely still in my gadget geek-wear category.

More info at: Peregrine Gloves and crunchwear