Self-monitoring device for diabetics

In my continuous quest to advocate products that help improve people's lives, the SurroSense Rx by Orpyx is a self-monitoring device for diabetics with peripheral neuropathy that automatically tells the user when damage is being done to the feet...a common problem with the ailment. An insole with 8 pressure sensors collects data that is wirelessly transmitted to a wristband to tell the user when damage is being done to the feet. I just wish the watch design was less high-tech looking and more consumer/fashionable focused. Here's how they describe SurroSense Rx: "The patented SurroSense Rx is a high-tech, pressure-sensing insole and wristband that tells the user when damage is being done to the feet. The product is designed to mitigate diabetic foot complications, such as ulceration, infection and amputation. One of the main problems with diabetic peripheral neuropathy is that, when someone is affected with it, he or she is unaware when pressure thresholds are being abused. The result is tissue damage, leading to ulceration, and often, amputation.

The SurroSense Rx collects pressure data from the foot and wirelessly sends that information to the user via an ergonomic wristband-based display. The display alerts the user when damage is being done so that behavior can be changed and these devastating complications can be avoided." Continue reading at Orpyx.

The product will be ready for purchase by late 2012.