Goggles Measure Your Radness

Smith isn't the only company Recon is teaming up with this season. In fact, the HUD innovator has also packed its tech into goggles from the likes of Briko, Scott, Uvex and Alpina. But I got especially excited about Recon's newest collaboration with Oakley, one of the premier optics companies on the planet.

Just like the competition, the new Oakley Airwaves ($600) track your top speed, control your music, work with your Bluetooth-enabled Contour camera and measure your hang time while jumping. Also similar is the remote, a wristband with buttons large enough for puffy-gloved hands. The Airwave's tiny display sits below the main field of vision of your right eye, so the information is there without being obtrusive — important when you're flying down the mountain at 50 mph. If you have one or more Airwave-wearing friends on the slopes with you, tracking them is easy with a built-in buddy location system. Plus, when you plug in the goggles at the end of the day, all your stats are available on the Recon's Engage website.

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