Wearable technology exhibit now through July 9

If anyone is close to Atlanta, it's worth stopping by to check out this wearable technology exhibit curated by Clint Zeagler and Thad Starner at the Museum of Design Atlanta entitled ON YOU 2. The exhibit "looks specifically at conductive thread embroidered and fabric manipulation interfaces. Garments design by Clint Zeagler and Tiffany Teague will be on display along side garments designed by students showcasing Clint Zeagler and Thad Starner's Georgia Tech research in wearable technology." continue reading at museumofdesign.org.

One of the projects developed at the GVU Center at Georgia Tech is this pleat interface made of embroidered conductive thread that senses which way the user strokes them. They state that the pleated interface can be used to control the volume on an MP3 player, select names from a phonebook, scroll a website, etc.

If anyone is able to make it to this exhibit, please send photos!