Exploring soft sensors and eTextiles

[gallery] The DIY community and small research studios around the world are continuously pushing the boundaries on the possibilities of eTextiles. Here are some interesting projects and sensors that are being explored:

Bodyinterface introduces various wearable/installation projects done by SIAT soft-circuit research group members in Simon Fraser University as well as projects from the Body Interface course in the same university. Inspired by Hannah Perner-Wilson’s stroke sensor, they're investigating their own which sense when they are touched and stroked. (images)

Hannah Perner-Wilson at Plusea investigates stroke sensors made out of carefully crafted conductive threads:

She is also exploring interesting resistive fabric sensors that can bend and be washed:

And one of my favorite, also from Perner-Wilson, combines craft and technology by knitting a sensor that measures stretch:

If you want to dive in and start doing your own exploration, Lynne Bruning has an informative video that covers the basic materials that you need to start creating and prototyping your own:

Images from bodyinterface.

Where Electronics Meet Textiles: a 2 day workshop

Lynne Bruning and Troy Nachitgall are hosting a 2-day eTextile workshop in Boulder on January 15 and 16 and it looks like a lot of fun! Info from the event site:

Join Italian eTextile Master Troy Nachtigall and award winning textile artist Lynne Bruning for a unique 2 day workshop in electronics, textiles and fashion. Troy is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and teaches fashion and technology at the University IUAV of Venice, University Sapienza of Roma and the Institute of European Design.

Special Guest: Nwanua Elumeze, founder of Aniomagic, will share his company’s hardware advancements in eTextiles.

Image from event site.