LittleBits teaches tech to young girls

I am a huge fan of any organization, individual, or product that encourages young girls to learn about technology in any way, shape or form. Ayah Bdeir, founder of LittleBits, is doing just that in a not-so-little way. Her product is designed to introduce kids and young girls to the fundamentals of basic electronics. Each littleBit is a pre-assembled, pre-engineered electronic module that can be easily snapped together to create an interactive circuit. Bdeir describes them as electronic LEGOS and her vision is that her product becomes just as ubiquitous in everyday households. As for her audience? According to Bdeir, "women are drastically under-represented in math and science in the United States. A recent Commerce Department study found that women hold only 25% of jobs in science, math, technology and engineering (or STEM) but make up 48% of the U.S. workforce." From the looks of it, LittleBits does a nice job making technology fun, inspiring and easy -- eliminating any intimidation-factor. So, come on kids, dive in and make some wearables!

Keep up the great work Bdeir!

For more information, her hip SoHo company was aired yesterday on CNN's What's Next. Watch the video here. Image source.