The LilyPad has arrived!

Alas! After waiting for a few weeks for the backorder to be filled, the LilyPad has finally arrived! It's a terrific platform for those interested in prototyping wearable concepts. It's light, thin, sew-ready, and comes with the basic components that you need to get started. I ordered the LilyPad developer's kit from SparkFun Electronics. I also ordered a few LilyPad XBee components, which allow you to connect your wearable projects wirelessly. Here's what the basic kit includes:

  • LilyPad Accelerometer
  • LilyPad Mainboard
  • LilyPad Bright White LED
  • LilyPad Button Board
  • LilyPad Buzzer
  • LilyPad Light Sensor
  • LilyPad Power Supply
  • LilyPad Temperature Sensor
  • LilyPad Tri-Color LED
  • LilyPad Vibration Motor
  • FTDI Basic Breakout
  • Mini USB Cable
  • 1 spool of 234/34 Conductive Thread
  • Now, off to go experiment...