Rights Through Making explores Wear Culture

[gallery]Students at Rights Through Making in partnership with Eindoven University of Technology's ID department are exploring on-body interactions and wear culture that promotes community and celebrates scientific advancement and its benefit. In their project InTouch, they are exploring ways to serendipitously connect people in crowded places turning "annoying moments" into shared moment between two strangers. The InTouch jacket includes a built in customizable ringtone and a touch-sensitive surface. When in a crowded location such as the subway, two jackets that accidentally brush up against each other will make a noise, bringing two strangers together.

Other projects explore the reinterpretation of ethnic garments that have a seductive twist, a suit that collects your traces and expresses your history, a series of sport and gaming garments, and more.

InTouch Designers, Fabio Novelli, Claudio Manetti, Joris Zaalberg, Saskia Bakker InTouch Supervisers, Ambra Trotto Kees Overbeeke, Caroline Hummels