A garment that reacts to your breath


Ontario College of Art and Design student, Hilary Hayes, has recently shared with me one of her latest wearable technology projects. The Breathe Project is a beautiful scarf that reacts to your breath. As you exhale, LEDs integrated into the scarf begin to glow in sequence. Built using a Lilypad Arduino, temperature sensor, conductive thread, bright white LEDs, purple wool yarn, here's how she describes it: "The Breathe Project is focused on creating awareness of our own breath and the breath of others as a way of reminding and being reminded of the delicacy and life force of each other and of ourselves."

I love how the interaction is subtle yet helps facilitate a new form of expression and helps keep us connected to one of the most fundamental and centering experiences: our breathing patterns.

View the Breathe Project and more of Hilary Hayes work on her portfolio site. Images from the Breathe Project.