HD Video Recording Glasses for Facebook

This is one of the most exciting wearable technology efforts I have seen in a long time. ZionEyez is working on a pair of HD Video Recording Glasses for Facebook called Eyez™. The glasses include a tiny 720p HD video camera that is so tightly integrated into the eyewear, that you virtually cannot see it.

Eyez™ records live video data and takes pictures. The data can then be stored on the 8GB of flash memory within the Eyez™ glasses, transferred via Wifi/Bluetooth or Micro USB to a computer, or wirelessly transferred to most iPhone or Android devices. After a one-time download of the “Eyez™” smartphone and tablet app, users can wirelessly broadcast the video in real time to their preferred social networking website, such as Facebook.

They are already funded nearly $300K on Kickstarter and plan to release their first line in Winter 2012. If you pledge $150 or more in the next few days, they'll send you a pair when they're ready.

More info on Kickstarter.