Paint with your feet using Nike+ GPS

[gallery]YesYesNo created Software that converts Nike+ GPS running patterns into works of art for the launch of the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series called Nike + Paint With Your Feet. It's a great example of how connecting sensor data to software that visualizes the data in new ways can provide a truly magical experience. This project visualizes speed, consistency and ultimately the runner's unique running style that is printed as works of art on large poster-sized paper and the packaging itself.

Using the software the participants were able to play with the mapping and adjust the composition of their run which was then outputted as a high resolution print for them to take home. We also worked with the Innovation Lab at Nike to laser etch the runner's name, the distance they ran and their run path onto a custom fabricated shoe box, which contained a pair of the 'City Pack' shoes from their city of origin

Project info on YesYesNo. Images from YesYesno.