Girls hacking footwear

The growing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture is a terrific platform for designers to innovate and explore new designs for wearable technology without having to rely on engineers and developers to build proof-of-concepts. Norene Leddy hosted a workshop called Project Walkway at Eyebeam that invited teenage girls to create their own technology-infused footwear. The workshop was inspired by Leddy’s Aphrodite project, which is a DIY kit that allows you to electronically enhance platform shoes.

What’s great about this workshop in additional to using DIY techniques to explore potential designs, is that Leddy aims to introduce teenage girls to electronics and wearable technology by hacking an electronics kit originally targeted to boys called a “Macho Meter”. Here’s how they describe it:

"A foam platform shoe is outfitted with the "Macho Meter," an electronics kit designed for young boys that uses basic circuitry and LED lights. The Eyebeam Center's Girl Eye View program adapted the Macho Meter into a technical fashion statement during the Project Walkway program."

More info can be found on the Project Walkway blog.