A wearable soundscape that provides bio feedback


Emily Carr University Industrial Design student Dana Ramler and MAA student Holly Schmidt created Bio Circuit, which is a wearable soundscape that provides bio feedback based on the physiolgical state of the wearer. The subtlety of the interaction is nice and I like how she used the circuitry as part of the aesthetic patterning on the front of the garment. The soundscape "is provided in the form of recorded sounds the wearer hears through a speaker embedded in the collar of the vest. If the wearer's heart rate is low, the soundscape will reflect a quiet, natural area with sounds such as water, birds, and insects. If the wearer has a high heart rate, they will hear a cacophony of urban sounds such as people talking and traffic." Continue reading on danaramler.com.

More info on the project can be found on Vimeo. Images from Emily Carr University.