The new aesthetic of wearable medical devices

[gallery]There's an emerging trend focused on a new aesthetic of wearable medical devices that are beautiful, fashionable, functional, and ultimately celebrate an ailment rather than hide it. Afterall, if you have to wear one why make it look like a "medical device"? Here are few of my favorites that are paving the way toward aesthetically fashionable personal wellness: Bespoke Fairing™ are specialized coverings that surround an existing prosthetic leg, accurately recreating the body form through a process that uses three-dimensional scanning to capture the unique leg shape. But Fairings not only return the lost contour, they invite an expression of personality and individuality that has never before been possible.

Lanzavecchia + Wai design disability aids that become a stage to discuss, understand and cope with disability, illness and human frailty. Their designs create a bridge between the user and producer aiming to open the possibilities and new values that these vital body accessories can bestow upon the user.

Leah Heiss, in collaboration with Nanotechnology Victoria, has developed a range of jewelry with therapeutic properties, including functional insulin applicator jewelry for diabetics.

Image source Bespoke Fairing, Lanzavecchia + Wai, Leah Heiss