Is iWatch in Apple's future?

Smartwatches have been squeezing their way into the wearable consumer electronics market like Pebblei'm watch, Sony Smartwatch, inPulse and WIMM (to name a few). And much speculation has been around for years that Apple may be a major player in the smartwatch race. Well, the old rumor has surfaced again. According to MacRumors, "Apple and Intel are currently working together on a Bluetooth-enabled smart watch. Full details on Apple's smart watch are unknown, but the report compares Apple's project to Sony's SmartWatch, although it notes that Apple's Siri voice assistant will provide for greater integration with the iPhone in allowing users to take phone calls directly through the watch."

With Siri integration, Apple has the potential to offer a game changing voice-enabled experience that could even replace the need for touch. Imagine a small wearable device that you wear on your wrist that works with your iPhone. Simply talk into it to get important and timely information without having to sift through your purse or pocket to take out your phone. "This could result in a device with a conversation-based interface. ... A connected iPhone would do much of the processing; the watch would record your voice, transmit it to your iPhone, and relay Siri's response. A small touch screen would also allow for limited visual/kinetic interaction, including notifications and basic apps." (Gizmag)

Sounds like they could actually give us a true Dick Tracy experience ...

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