Apple hires a wearable technology guru

Apple hired a Senior Prototype Engineer, Richard W. DeVaul, a few weeks ago. He has a Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT and co-founded AWare Technologies. Not completely new news, but worth pondering what this means to the wearable technology field. With so much momentum being built up, will this help us reach the tipping point? According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog (Tuaw), "Apple has patented a large number of wearable fitness devices lately. Perhaps it's these that DeVaul will be working with, though we imagine that such a brilliant engineer will have his own ideas." So far the only wearable technology on the market today from Apple is the Nike+ iPod kit they created in collaboration with Nike. I'm eager to see what they do next.

Read the full article and announcement on Tuaw.

Image from Russell Hirtzel's portfolio site produced for Nike Brand Design Media Used for print and web advertisements.