Low-resolution modeled footwear

I girl can never own enough footwear. So, in my never-ending quest for shoes that I can't live without, I ran across these beauties created by United Nude founded by the drooling-ly fabulous architect Rem Koolhaas. What's interesting about these shoes is the way in which the surface was designed. The designers at United Nude have been pushing the limits of 3d modeling techniques. The surface pattern of this shoe named "Lo Res" was created by scanning in a 3D model of a shoe, then reducing the model's polygons down to the lowest resolution and smallest file size. As a result, the surface celebrates the model's minimal polygons as if it was stolen from a Second Life avatar.

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Challenging the aesthetics of circuitry

Leah Buechley, a pioneer in soft circuits and the creator of the LilyPad developers kit, has been experimenting with paper computing and circuits. Her circuits are quite beautiful and intriguing with possibility. The combination of aesthetics and interaction opportunities are endless with the freedom of simply painting circuits as if loosely sketching in a notepad. Imagine applying this technique onto garments where circuits are handpainted, silkscreened or even embroidered.

In fact, Becky Stern of Sternlab has taken this inspiration to heart by creating a piece titled "A Tribute to Leah Buechley". Using Buechley's LilyPad, she created a soft-sewn circuit that challenges circuit aesthetics by using one of the traditional garment-embellishing techniques...embroidery: